Lease a New Hyundai Near Santa Maria

When it comes to financing your next new Hyundai, have you looked at leasing as an option? Leasing enables you to drive away in a new vehicle with little to no money down. That way, you can use the latest features and technologies without the stress of purchasing.

Learn More About Leasing

Understanding how a lease works can help you have a great experience with your new Hyundai and know what you’re truly paying and see if leasing is right for you. Leasing can be a great option if you want to get a new vehicle every few years. If you don’t care about keeping a vehicle for a long time and you don’t drive a large number of miles, a lease can be right for you. There’s even high-mileage leasing available, and this can be a cheaper option at times than purchasing the vehicle outright.

As with any new car, a new leased Hyundai comes equipped with a warranty. The monthly cost of a leased Hyundai can be cheaper than the monthly cost of a loan. The sales tax on the purchase of a new vehicle is paid upfront. On a lease, however, the sales tax is broken up into each monthly payment.

If you trade in a vehicle or put money down, this can also lower your monthly payment. The duration of the lease will also play a role in what you pay. Longer durations equate to lower monthly payments, similar to a loan.

When it comes to fees, interest rates, document fees, and title/license fees will also add to the cost. These fees are assessed whether you buy or lease a vehicle in many cases. Pay close attention to how many miles you have each year of your lease. Going over the mileage has extra mileage fees. Depending on your driving habits, this extra fee can still be lower than the cost of ownership.

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Our finance team can answer your questions when it comes to leasing a new Hyundai to make sure that it’s a right fit for you. Visit Winn Hyundai Santa Barbara near Santa Maria today to learn more!

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